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self care, simplified.

We love plants, chemistry, and our daily rituals.

We believe in the benefits of merging all three.  

We set out to create sensorial and effective formulas that bring joy to your everyday routine. 

butterfly pea flower

Our curiosity led us to the butterfly pea flower.

 Enamored by its color, unique composition, and skincare properties, we knew we wanted to use this ingredient in the products we turn to daily.


our collection

Deodorant: made to soothe and protect skin while keeping sweat in check.​

Reset Body Mist: crafted to purify your body and surroundings with just a spritz.​

Cool Down Muscle Gel: developed to relax and massage sore muscles.​ 

Our quest to develop self-care essentials has just begun.

to summarize

We believe less is more. We believe in the joy of the ritual.

We believe in the power of plants. We are vegan and cruelty-free.

Join us on our journey.